Property Management & Lease Servicing Software

Lease servicing software that meets the needs of any landlord:
At Graveco Software, Inc., we specialize in offering powerful property management and lease servicing software backed by an industry-leading commitment to service and support. Our comprehensive property management software, Lease Collector v5, provides users with a number of useful tools and assets to improve their lease servicing and optimize the efficiency of their office.

Our software is designed to manage every type of lease. Lease Collector can manage apartment buildings, duplexes, single family homes, condos, office buildings, shopping centers, mobile home parks, and storage facilities, as well as equipment, vehicle and other types of leases in one comprehensive system.

Regardless of the type of leasing or property management they provide, businesses that offer these financial services require sophisticated and robust lease servicing software to track payments and balances, report figures to owners and other government and regulatory entities, track maintenance information, etc.

At Graveco Software, Inc., we have developed a powerful property management software with Lease Collector, which is flexible enough to serve the requirements of nearly any type of office. The flexible nature of our lease servicing software means it can be easily customized to meet the specific and unique needs of any property management company.

[toggle Title=”Experienced Property Management Software:” active=”true”]Why Lease Collector is the premier choice for property management software:
Lease Collector is designed for all property management corporations that desire a robust and complete lease servicing system, whether these professionals are managing thousands of units or just a few.

With over 30 years of experience in serving the property management industry, Graveco Software, Inc. knows the challenges you face and the software you need. We are committed to serving the unique needs of property managers of any size. Together we will succeed with an efficiently run, well managed company, based on the best lease servicing software tools available. Our software products combine industry knowledge with technological expertise to provide quality software and superior support services.[/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Simple Property Management Software:” active=”true”]A straightforward and easy to learn property management software:
Though Lease Collector is backed by the sophisticated experience and knowledge of an industry leader in property management software, the product itself is easy to use and implement. It offers powerful processing, integrated accounting and the flexibility that comes with a user-friendly system. Our property management software increases accuracy and productivity with an easy to use interface and powerful operating features that give you the power to improve rent collection, lower costs and meet or exceed tenant and owner expectations.

Lease Collector is very straightforward and easy to learn lease servicing software. Tool tips, pop-up message windows, and extensive help files guide you step-by-step and aid you in accomplishing everything from the simplest to the most complex procedures. You set up the data for portfolios, owners/ clients, and tenant accounts, and the system automates the painstaking and time-consuming bookkeeping chores so you take complete control of your operation – and gain a competitive advantage.[/toggle]