About Us

Graveco Software, Inc. has continually produced the finest software tools available in the real estate and loan servicing industries. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding value to our customers by supplying the finest software at the best prices. From offering the latest in features to being the earliest to adapt to new operating systems, Graveco Software has looked further and reached deeper to deliver the best tools for our customer’s businesses.

When you install our software you become a part of the Graveco Software Team. Your voice is heard and has a powerful impact that helps to shape and enrich our products. We build relationships by working hard to earn our customers’ loyalty and trust. That’s why our products are consistently the first choice for demanding professionals – the world over!

Our Core Values:

  • Personal and corporate integrity
  • Creative excellence and design innovation in all we do
  • The prioritization of people over products and profits

Our Core Purpose:
Most major software companies today name shareholder value or profitability as their top priority. At Graveco Software, our priorities are: people first, products second, profits third. Profiting is like breathing. As humans, we must breathe to live, but we do not live to breathe. As a company, Graveco Software must profit to exist, but we will not exist merely to profit. Achieving our goal of building a top software development company takes a tremendous amount of capital, but we will never sacrifice the needs of customers or our employees simply to increase our wealth.

The world is full of software companies that are out to make a buck. Graveco Software, Inc. is a software company that is out to make a difference.

Michael E Graves