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[toggle Title=”Advanced Loan Servicing Software:” active=”true”]Automate your entire installment loan servicing process with Contract Collector v5 from Graveco Software, Inc. It’s the most advanced, feature-rich and easy to use contract collection/ loan servicing software available. Contract Collector is a comprehensive system that manages all types of installment loans, notes, contracts, mortgages, deeds of trust, as well as any number of clients and contracts, and all types of payments. Every process is streamlined – from entering new clients, companies and contracts, to printing client statements, deposit slips, and payment coupons.

Contract Collector users include banks, auto dealerships, finance companies, mortgage companies, private investors, and anyone who tracks installment payments. For large organizations, it is a cost-effective way to automate loan collection processing. For organizations of any size, Contract Collector is the best solution for loan servicing.[/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Sophisticated Loan Servicing Software”]All of the services and support required to ensure profitability:
Lending and loan servicing can be a profitable yet challenging industry, compliance with legal regulations along with the risk of lending money in the current economic environment can make it difficult for a loan servicing business to succeed. Most importantly, lenders must be able to confidently track information such as payment collections, interest amortization, current balances and accounting information.

Without sophisticated loan servicing software, lenders may lack the services and support they require to ensure profitability and healthy lending in the face of this industry’s challenges. At the same time, not all loan management software is built alike, and only innovative and creative products from a provider that possesses technical competence, experience and integrity can suffice.[/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Experienced Loan Servicing Software:”]With over 30 years serving the loan servicing industry, we know the challenges you face and the software you need. Together we will succeed with an efficiently run, well managed company, based on the best loan servicing software tools available. Contract Collector offers powerful processing, integrated accounting and the flexibility that comes with a user-friendly system. Contract Collector increases accuracy and productivity with an easy to use interface and powerful operating features that give you the power to improve collection performance, lower costs and meet or exceed customer and client expectations.[/toggle]
[toggle Title=”Simple Loan Servicing Software:”]Contract Collector is very straightforward and easy to learn. Tool tips, pop-up message windows, and extensive help files guide you step-by-step and aid you in accomplishing everything from the simplest to the most complex procedures. You set up the data for portfolios, clients, and loan/ contract accounts, and the system automates the painstaking and time-consuming bookkeeping chores so you take complete control of your operation – and gain a competitive edge.[/toggle]

Complete Loan Servicing Software:

All the functions and features you will ever need for a professional management company are available in one complete, integrated system:

  • Collection Management:
    Organizes and automates collection management tasks. Calculates collections fees and performs client disbursements.
  • Accounting:
    A complete accounting system based on cash or accrual accounting. Contract Collector includes a general ledger with accounts payable and accounts receivable, all with real-time posting for
    interim financial statements at any time.
  • Reporting:
    Prints management and financial reports, notices, invoices, receipts, payment coupons, and checks. Export report data to a variety of file formats. Contract Collector can also send letters and notices via e-mail!
  • Security:
    Full security controls to ensure the most sensitive data is secure. Contract Collector supports individual user security profiles

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Graveco Software, Inc. also offers an Amortization Calculator Software, which provides many of the powerful amortization schedule and loan calculator features available in Contract Collector v5 as a standalone product. Our Lease Collector product is ideal for property management companies or any businesses that must manage tenants and/ or properties. Each of our products and services are backed by our company’s commitment to industry-best customer support.

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