The benefits of Graveco’s Contract Collector

Contract Collector v5 from developed by Graveco Software, Inc. is the most advanced and easy to use collection and loan servicing software on the market.

Contract Collector bests its competition by providing a comprehensive system that allows users to manage various types of installment loans, note, contracts, mortgages and deeds of trust, among others.

The Contract Collector processes are streamlined for your convenience, making it easy to enter new client information, companies or contracts, as well as print client statements and deposit slips. Cut your current system time in half with our feature-rich system.

Our system is straightforward and easy to learn. Contract Collector includes tool tips, pop up message windows and extensive help files to guide you to becoming an expert in its use.

That ease of use doesn't mean it's less sophisticated. Rather, Contract Collector is a robust system that allows lenders to confidently track information like payment collections, interest amortization, current balances and other accounting information. This will help your company remain profitable and keep lending healthy in the face of current industry challenges.

Our current clients include banks, auto dealerships, finance companies, mortgage lenders, private investors and many others who need to track a range of information, like payment installments. No matter the size of your business, our system is a cost-effective way of automating the loan collection process.

Loan servicing software can help your company administer loans in a manner that benefits both your company and your clients. Contact Graveco Software today to learn more about the high-quality products we offer.