What mistakes do people make while taking out student loans?

Some members of Congress have been working to try and ease student loan rates for those who pursue higher education. As Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) recently said in a public statement, the student loan debt crisis is very quickly becoming an economic emergency that will negatively impact students and financial institutions alike.

The trouble is that people often make errors when taking out student loans that can come back to haunt them down the road. When people are unable to make the payments back in a timely way, this damages both the credit of the person and the institutions that are not getting their money.

Here are a few common mistakes to avoid:

  • Borrowing more than necessary: People should only be taking out as much money as they absolutely need. Any more than that and a person risks not being able to make the payments when the time comes to start writing those checks to the financial institutions.
  • Missing the regular payments: When it comes to student loans, the entire system works best when people are paying back what they owe on time. That way they won't see any damage to their credit, and the financial institutions will see their profits when they expect them.
  • Taking out against future earnings: You need to bet on yourself that you will be making enough money in the near future to make the necessary payments. The general rule of thumb is to only borrow as much as you expect to earn your first year of full-time employment.

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